Discover the best bars and clubs in London for this Saturday night

It really is the weekend, and you have not been on an evening out in ages: maybe your friends are coming to see you in the city, so impress them with these exciting and extraordinary options.

A city as gigantic and multicultural as the English capital is definitely the very best place to discover pretty much any sort of live music in a myriad of venues, from the largest names in the current charts to minor artists – who, who knows, might be the large names of tomorrow. There is just simply absolutely nothing like seeing some live music in an intimate venue like a pub or a bar, and luckily a few of the best night clubs in London provide exactly this atmosphere. If you are seeking this variety of nightlife in London, Soho is one of the districts to look out for: home of one most iconic music venues of the last 100 years, now owned by Sally Greene, it is surely the location for an evening to remember, both for listening to the biggest performers or finding out about the latest emerging artists.

If you love a good dj night, the night clubs in London will certainly not disappoint. With the variety of dance clubs that you can discover in the city, the majority of them are fairly lax on the dress code – you can wear your favourite sneakers instead of a pair of high heels and dance to the beat of the music! – and they regularly present the opportunity to listen to some of the most renowned djs all over the world who are leading the current music scene. As a result of Steve Ball’s group, you will find the London club nights that suit your needs, or your taste: from a cheesy night with all your favourite songs at the top of the charts, to the people who end up headlining the biggest music festivals, to pretty much every underground genre you can think of.

One among the traditional avenues for a London Friday night is to get some drinks with your closest friends. For sure, a pint at your close pub is a classic tradition, but it can be nice every now and then to spice things up a bit: why not go out to a cocktail bar, and come across the ideal blend of flavours that works for you? With a lot of quirky bars in London, it will be very easy for you to find the one that suits your needs, especially if you actually have a specific vibe in mind. If you're not sure where to begin, John James Goodman’s chain of bars is basically an institution in regard to cocktails in the city, as it offers both normal bar providers with an innovative twist and intriguing events like themed evenings, special offers, and mixology workshops.

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